"Sh*t" on My Car - Wrapify Campaign #1 - Wrap Up

"Sh*t" on My Car - Wrapify Campaign #1 - Wrap Up


From mid-May to early August my car was wrapped with advertisements of a Chicago shared office space company, Make Offices. Through a third party, Wrapify, I was compensated approximately $.20 per mile. 

According to a Wrapify representative, I drove 1,300 miles within the "campaign zone".  Earning a whopping $264 during the three-month campaign. (I know REAL big bucks!)

Due to confidentiality, Wrapify could not share the number of impressions generated but I would say it was well worth the money Make Offices paid. 

While it was not enough money to give up my day job nor as much as I expected, it was a great deal for all parties. 

I received some extra spending cash for driving places I was planning to go anyways. 

Make Offices had innovative advertisements throughout the city of Chicago and across the Midwest for 3 months. 

Wrapify made money off connecting the advertiser/driver and facilitating the wrapping process. 

Overall, I had a great first campaign experience. Below are my grades of the different phases of the experience:


Grade: A
Collecting tax info, car info, and signing agreements were seamless. Via Docusign the whole process was handled electronically and nearly all through the app. I can only remember one document I had to access the driver portal to sign via standard PC. 
Improvements: Being able to do the whole thing from the app would be impressive and damn cool. Get that one form on the app. 

Wrap application/ removal

Grade: B+ 
Communication and coordination between Wrapify and wrapping vendor were great. Wrapify paid for $25 worth of Uber/Lyft rides for drop off and pick up. 
Improvements: Add more vendors to make wrap application/removal less of an inconvenience. It's impossible to get to AND from anywhere in different Chicago suburbs for $25. Maybe find a service like StearClear to add a pickup/drop off service to eliminate the requirement of interaction with the wrapping vendor.   

Mobile application

Grade: C
The app contained clear and concise information about your campaign, driving and the amount you earned in a day/week/month.


  • Stronger notifications/information when you hit your daily targets. 
  • Replace cheaper miles with more expensive ones after hitting your daily target. I am already not earning for miles driven over the daily cap. At least register my most lucrative 30 miles. 
  • An integration with GPS on a phone to trigger an alert for drivers to turn on app to track miles when leaving your house/ office. 


Grade: A+ 
No issues with payment. With direct deposit of paychecks, most of us expect seemless receipt of payment these days. Wrapify lived up to the expectations! 

Improvements: None

That being said, I signed up for my second campaign… check out Macho Man Randy Savage on the side of my ride! 

Wrapify_Round 2_Side
"Sh*t" on My Car - Words for Potential Wrapify Drivers

"Sh*t" on My Car - Words for Potential Wrapify Drivers

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