Desk Jockey: noun, informal. An office worker who often sits (or stands) at a desk or in meetings, "hammering" to produce an informational product, often a spreadsheet, report, or other computer generated file.


#DeskJockeyChronicles is my personal blog. I know you can put it together but for the search engines... my name is Jeff Sanders and this is my personal blog. This is the personal blog of Jeff Sanders. My SEOs our there, is this keyword stuffing? :)

Origin Story: 
To be honest, I started this blog in December of 2015 as part of an alternate plan to finishing my MBA. 

This plan was not (and still is not) fully baked out but the three legs of this “half baked” alternative MBA plan are: 

  1. Deliberate study - Control what content I consume with my non-working hours. Books, audiobooks, podcasts, TV shows, social media, etc. The goal is to make sure I continue valuable learning.
  2. Start a business - Find/develop an opportunity that eventually at least pays for our housing expenses. The goal is to have a “lab” where I can “practice” what I am learning.
  3. Document the progress - Start to blog where I can document my learnings as I through the two items above. The goal is to have weekly (or so) deliverables/assignments of the plan and refine my thought process and writing style as I would have if I continued down the traditional MBA program.

2+ years in...

Writing this in July of 2018, I am not saying my that my learning is complete nor is my path secure but it took me 2+ years to feel confident enough to put the last few paragraphs out there.

I have learned much more than I have posted but for another honesty moment: I have been so busy taking in all of the learning and experiencing, there just isn’t time to write about it all. I have a Trello board full of learnings/ potential posts; but when sit down to solidify those learnings into a coherent post, I dig in and there is more to learn or another action to take.

In my deliberate time to stay current on marketing, technology, and the intersection of the digital and physical worlds, I have captured some of these “half baked” learnings on the #DeskJockeyChronicles Twitter account(@DeskJockeyChron). Check it out!

With this, I am being true to the documenting leg of my alternative plan but not annoying my friend who just don’t care with these Tweets on a very specific topic.

Now if you are interested in seeing pictures of my dog, please check out my personal twitter account, @JSAND4MAYOR.

Stay tuned to #DeskJockeyChronicles for more great content!

About Jeff


I get stuff done. I am a leader, a collaborator, a consensus builder. I have an abundant mindset but am budget aware.

As a Marketing Technologist, I focus on creating impactful customer experiences while delivering measurable business results.

In June of 2018, I joined Syneron Candela, a global leader in the aesthetics medical device industry, to lead our digital tools and commerce initiatives.

With the support, and gumption of great team members and organizational leadership, I have delivered measurable results in my previous roles. Those previous roles span across Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and IT.

By leveraging these experiences, my hunger for knowledge, and my “never say die” work ethic I have the breadth of knowledge to deliver valuable insights and develop solutions across organizational silos.

I love learning. While at Indiana University, I earned a BS in Accounting, Finance, and an MS in Information Systems. As a professional, I have continued this dedication to learning by obtaining the following certifications: CPA, CISA, CGEIT, ITILv3, and BrightEdge Certified SEO Professional.

I also serve on the board of directors of my college-preparatory high school, Sacred Heart-Griffin.