Why is THAT Podcast on your Playlist?

Why is THAT Podcast on your Playlist?

I started Desk Jockey Chronicles as part of my personal alt-MBA program. Documenting the things I learned during this period was one pilar of the plan. One of the other parts of that plan was being deliberate about the content I was consuming. 

Between audiobooks and podcasts, a large amount of the content I consume is in audio format. 

Recently, I went through all of my podcasts and put some thought into those that made it into my playlist. 

I approached this in terms of daily and weekly releases and using my podcast catcher to serve up a daily set of playlist based on the information I want to receive. 

A few daily releases that are short, they keep me up to date on the happenings of the world and provide some “fun facts”. 

A few weekly ones that dive deeper into a few topics of choice. These weekly ones trumped two of the daily ones in priority. Thus when the weekly ones come out, they are placed in listening order after the two daily’s that I can’t miss (however I end up missing them a few times/week. 

Leading up to this scheduling, I had to rationalize the podcasts that were on my list. 

The review/crafting of the daily podcasts led me to a hard decision. I had to make a decision between Talking Tech Vs. eMarketer.

I was listening to both of them for the same purpose, to stay on top of happenings in the tech space as it relates to my day job of digital marketing. Below are the descriptions of each podcast. 

eMarketer “Behind the Numbers” - eMarketer “Behind the Numbers” is a freewheeling, daily conversation about digital media and marketing, and how digital is transforming business—and even life. From eMarketer, the most comprehensive source of information on doing business in the digital world.

Talking Tech - Your daily consumer tech news update, plus the latest gadget reviews and straight talk about how the latest tech innovations affect you, with USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham.

Despite, talking Tech being in my Top 5 podcasts in 2017, in light of my desire to be deliberate about the content I consume eMarketer was the better choice, Jefferson had to get the boot. 

4 hour layover and still happy…

4 hour layover and still happy…