Open Letter - Please Wrap My Car

Open Letter - Please Wrap My Car

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An open letter to Wrapify, midwest and national brands, 

I just finished a campaign with Wrapify, where my car was “wrapped” with advertising graphics May - August and I am hungry for more. Given my travel patterns, I feel there is true value for a company willing to make the investment and wrap my car. 

Over the course of the next four months, my wife and I will drive our 2015 Toyota Highlander at least 5,000 miles across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. 

Millage coverage

Throughout the fall, my wife and I will travel to several college campuses enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of football across the Midwest. 

I am looking for a company to wrap my car.

Are you a brand manager looking for an opportunity increase awareness with a billboard on one of the world’s most traveled / slowest moving roads? How about in an affluent Chicago neighborhood? How about at college football tailgate across 4 Big Ten universities?

How about all of these places. With one investment. 

To get a billboard in one of these places for the same time period would cost you nearly $15K. The travel patterns discussed are a great fit for a regional or national brand looking for a unique and inexpensive way to get their name out there! 

During the week my vehicle (your billboard) will traverse one of the most populated expressways in America, 30 miles per day. At night, it will be parked on the street in Chicago’s affluent/family friendly neighborhood, Lakeview. Your billboard will catch the eyes of young professionals, new moms and dads out for a walk, city dwellers and suburbanites a like walking to Cub games. 

I have the “skeleton” of a contract together but I am aiming for this to be a mutually beneficial arrangement so I am willing to discuss any and all solutions/desires. 

The quick and dirty... 

What: Moving billboard wrapped onto the side of my 2015 Toyota Highlander

Approx. 5K total miles planned between 9/1- 12/31
180 miles per week along I90- 94
At night: parked on the street in an affluent Lakeview neighborhood
Weekend: traveling to from several Midwestern college campuses

When: September - December 2016
Why: Brand awareness product marketing, getting your name out there, 

If you are interested in wrapping my car for the fall/winter months, please reach out via the form below! 

Name *
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